Our story

      Foundation Blue started in 2011 to honor, Alexi deRochambeau. His hopes and dreams for his innovative project; a VW Golf we all call "Blue" was incomplete before his unexpected passing. This loss effected family, friends and the entire VW community. So as therapy would have it the closest friends got together and finished the car on a collaborated effort of what he told everyone.  Alexi always was able to keep people together, always made everyone feel welcome and always gave the right info to the right people. 


     This foundation started by bringing everyone together to finish BLUE and morphed into something greater.  Foundation Blue is keeping Alexi's legacy alive by giving back to our community.


     These photos will tell a story. A story of a legend, his car, friends and family, who now take BLUE across the country keeping his legacy of friendship and loyalty alive. 

  The Legend Alexi ...

  The build...

  Shows and fundraisers...

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Foundation Blue is a 501(c)3.