Over the last 9 years we have donated over $25,000 to our community. Our mission at foundation blue is to provide scholarships to automotive technians . With support from our community through auctions and raffles held at VW car shows from Florida to Maine.  

Show Schedule


Laps on the Track (Thompson Speedway) - April 27th 5pm

New England Dustoff - April 28th

Alpine Vag Fair - May 10 & 11

Vag Fair Maine - June 8 & 9

Vag Fair PA - August 3 & 4

Eurobuilt - August 25th

Staggered - THANK YOU for many years of support!

Wrap up- Oct 20th Newport Car Museum

Cars & Coffee


September 22nd,  8am

Thank you

To everyone who came out and supported us this year and every year before. Keep up the good work and see you in 2020 for year 10!!!

Alexi deRochambeau

1/1/1984 - 1/31/2011

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Foundation Blue is a 501(c)3.

Quilt Auction